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Currently, BCS is operating under a Level 5 Pandemic Response. Home-Based learning has been established as we evaluate the re-opening of campus while monitoring CDC and local government guidelines. Families, visitors, and employees may not access campus under a Level 5 Pandemic Response.  Once our health authorities deem it safe to re-open, we will follow their direction.

If you have a question specific to your child, please reach out to your child’s teacher. Please direct questions about home-based learning in a particular level of the school to the appropriate leader. 

We have two tech support options. Email to get help with any tech issues you are having.  You can also join the Tech Tips Google Classroom with your child's BCS account.  The class code is tzr5ti.  We will be posting helpful tips and links to online resources.  This classroom will be informative, not interactive.  These tech support channels will be monitored by multiple people so that we may address your issues quickly. 

All events hosted by BCS or scheduled at a BCS facility are postponed or canceled. Rescheduling of events will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Decisions will be made in accordance with CDC and government guidelines. Field trips are postponed or canceled. Families will be notified as soon as each event’s status is determined and how monies already submitted will be reimbursed.  End of year ceremonies are currently being evaluated to determine the best way these types of celebrations could happen.  Further communication will address these matters at the appropriate time. 

Regarding co-curricular activities, we are in communication with ATSSB, FIRST LEGO League, TAPPS and TPSMEA regarding our competitions (including, but not limited to spring sports, robotics meets, and fine arts competitions and workshops), and will release more information as we learn more.

Absolutely not. The amount of screen time will vary by the child’s age and grade. Our expert teachers have designed a home-based learning plan that is developmentally appropriate. Breaks, off-screen time, wellness, physical activity and virtual meetings are all part of the plan for our students. 

The BCS home-based learning program includes plans for learning support and counseling support. Support will vary depending on each child’s specific needs. Counselors and learning support staff will be available by phone and email to support students and families. 

BCS encourages you to connect and provide ‘moral support’ through phone calls, texts, emails, zoom calls, etc. during this difficult crisis.  The PmD organization has a benevolence fund available to specifically help BCS families in need during this time.  Please contact Tamrya Franks for further details. 

Our faculty and staff are more committed than ever to providing high-quality teaching and learning. Home-Based learning requires an all-hands-on-deck approach with our faculty, technology team, support staff, maintenance technicians and administrative staff. We are putting in countless hours to ensure our students have the optimal learning opportunities. Teaching and learning will continue, and therefore BCS will continue to collect tuition. Any ancillary fees incurred other than the standard tuition will be refunded to individual FACTS accounts. Families who are experiencing an extreme hardship due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic should contact Our mission is to provide quality Christ-centered education preparing students for their God-given purposes, and we are fully committed to living out this mission in the midst of a local and global crisis.

The Texas Education Agency canceled the 2020 STAAR and End-of-Course STAAR exams. BCS is following that announcement with plans to cancel the K-8 Stanford Achievement Tests and exempt all 6th-12th grade students from semester exams this spring. Senior school students enrolled in College Board AP Courses will follow the spring testing guidelines set forth by the College Board.

BCS understands that a shift to a Home-Based Learning approach will require our students and families to make adjustments. Yet a continued  partnership  with parents can play a vital part in ensuring the success of the plan. The Executive team, support staff, technology department and teachers are all available to support and guide students (and parents) should they need help. Overall, we encourage you to embrace this time at home as a new adventure with great possibilities.  Enjoy your family! 

Below are some tips to help students achieve success with Home-based Learning: 

  1. Establish a Regular Schedule for Your Child 

    It is vital for parents to help students establish and maintain a routine and structure for their day, beginning with a regular bedtime and wake-up time each day. This will help your child retain a sense of normalcy and stay engaged in learning. Be sure to help your child build in breaks during the school day, encouraging them to participate in physical activity. Begin and close each virtual school day by checking the "To Do" list in Google Classroom. You can find this helpful tool by clicking on the three bars in the top left corner of Google Classroom.  The "To Do" list is a virtual clipboard that makes it easy to locate incomplete assignments. Reach out to your child’s teacher if you observe your child struggling to stay focused. Setting clear expectations with your child will help them to stay on top of his/her schoolwork. 
  2. Create a Study Space for Your Child 

    We recommend that you create a separate, quiet space in your home for your child to study. Your child’s bedroom or the family room may not be the optimal place for your child to learn. Choose a central area (kitchen table, dining room, etc.) to avoid isolating your child and to allow parents to monitor your child’s learning and screen activity. A room with a strong wireless connection will also be important. 
  3. Stay in Communication with your Child’s Teachers 

    Your child’s teachers will maintain regular communication. The frequency of communication will depend on your child’s age, developmental stage and level of independence. Teachers are available as resources for your child and for you. Please use email (not texting) as your primary method of contact. 
  4. Encourage Independence and Allow for Productive Struggle   

    Stay engaged in your child’s learning by asking them questions and having them share their thoughts while encouraging their independence, so they can take ownership of their own learning. Some productive struggle is essential to learning, so we ask that parents allow their children to spend some time independently problem-solving. Stepping in too quickly to help solve problems will deprive your child of the opportunity to learn, try new approaches and gain greater confidence. If your child becomes discouraged and/or overwhelmed by schoolwork, please reach out to your child’s teacher. 
  5. Help your Child Maintain Social Contact with Peers 

    It will be very important for your child to stay in social contact (through virtual means) with their friends and peers during home-based learning. During times of social distancing, encourage your child to interact with friends through virtual communication tools. They can form study groups created by their teachers or informal groups that they develop on their own. Social interactions, such as virtual lunch buddies, will help your child stay connected and feel a part of the school community. 
  6. Wellness: Encourage Physical Activity and Movement and Monitor Student Stress    

    Physical movement and exercise are vital to maintaining physical and mental health, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving concentration. Parents should monitor student stress levels and reach out to the school counselor for advice as needed. The health and wellness of our students are of the utmost importance to us, so we have worked with our PE department to set aside time during the week for students to maintain a level of activity even when homebound. Parents can partner with the school by checking in on their child’s physical activity and ensuring that they participate in the activities provided. 
  7. Time Management  

    During certain times in the distance learning schedule, some students may need help with time management. Teachers are available to assist, but it is also important for parents to ensure that students are spending this time attending Zoom class meetings and on school work. 
  8. Internet Bandwidth 

    With the potential for multiple devices being used simultaneously in a home, bandwidth could be taxed.  It will be helpful if parents monitor so that one user isn’t streaming or playing video games while another is attending class via Zoom. 

The best way to discover the heart of Bethesda Christian School is to experience it first hand. While our students and faculty are off-campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer shadow visits or tours. Please take a few minutes to watch our virtual tour here

We will also be hosting a Virtual Campus Preview via Facebook Live on Thursday, May 7 at 6:00 p.m. 

Plans are still in the development stages for allowing families to visit campus to pick up items that students may have left on campus prior to Spring Break. As soon as a plan is organized, it will be shared broadly with BCS families.  

Because the Junior/Senior Banquet fell during the District's COVID-19 closure, this event is postponed until restrictions for mass gatherings are lifted and the organizing committee will share a plan with BCS families.

No. TAPPS has stated that no competitions, practices, rehearsals, or workouts will take place during the COVID-19 closure, and with Governor Abbott's announcement that schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, all remaining TAPPS activities are also canceled.  Fees for these programs have not been charged. 
However, for those events that were already in place (Academics–Ready Writing | Yearbook and Fine Arts – Art History; Senior Portfolios; Short Film), TAPPS will be awarding final placements.  As part of closing out the season, TAPPS will be releasing the results for those events on May 11 that were already in place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the original graduation date of May 24 falls within the closure period for Texas schools, BCS has chosen a tentative alternate date of June 28. These ceremonies will still take place at BCS, as long as restrictions on mass gatherings have been lifted by that time. While we understand holding a graduation ceremony in the summer creates other scheduling conflicts, BCS is committed to providing an opportunity to celebrate our graduates and everything they have accomplished. 

All end of year events are currently being evaluated with the intention of communicating the specific details of each plan to our BCS families.