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Mr. Jason Myers 
Head of School 


The Myers family lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for fourteen years, where Mr. Myers served as an administrator at Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH), an ACSI-accredited school.  Over the years, he served in various roles on the senior leadership team, including Assistant Principal, Curriculum Coordinator, Pelita Harapan Club chairman, and Physical Education Associate Coordinator.  As a senior leader, he oversaw the senior school programs, while managing strategic development of curriculum, policies, and procedures.  He was a leader of the steering committee, ensuring the school meets the academic and accreditation requirements of ACSI, the International Baccalaureate program, and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
In addition to his administrative duties, he served as Athletic Director, overseeing 24 sports activities for 800 students (grades 1-12) with 60 coaches, running a full calendar of sports events on SPH’s campus.  He was the founder and chairman of the very first interscholastic sports and activities conference in Jakarta -- the Jakarta Athletic & Activities Conference – which has grown to 11 member schools. 
Mr. Myers graduated from Evangel University with his Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Health.  He received a Master of Science in Management and Administration from Liberty University.  He received a Doctor of Education in Management and Leadership from the United States Sports Academy (USSA).
A devoted Christian, Mr. Myers believes in the importance of educating from a biblical, Christian worldview. “Excellence in a 21st-century Christian school values every student, parent, teacher, and staff member as a part of a shared school community,” says Myers. “Christian schools should partner with parents and the church in preparing students for college, life, and eternity....graduates should gain entrance into the universities that fit them best, but I like to think that great Christian schools really see themselves as engaging in ‘calling prep’ as well as ‘college prep.’  That is, we are preparing students for the service to the Lord (calling) for which God has uniquely designed them.” 


Mr. Myers is a diligent advocate for a robust, rigorous academic program. His experience in developing and implementing curriculum while leading school staff, as well as his background with the International Baccalaureate program and other accrediting agencies, has given him extensive knowledge in maintaining high academic standards.

Biblical Worldview:

Without question, Mr. Myers believes a healthy biblical worldview to be foundational and essential to Christian education.  “As educators, we are focused on developing servant leaders with a biblical, Christian worldview.  My vision is to develop true knowledge, faith in Christ, and Godly character to accomplish this exciting task,” says Mr. Myers.


As a two-sport, college-level student-athlete himself, Mr. Myers understands the importance of a strong athletic program, balanced with academic rigor.  This has not only proved to be a strategy for school growth during his leadership at SPH, but also the impetus for developing an Active School Initiative aimed at the holistic growth and well-being of the students.

Fine Arts and Robotics:

Mr. Myers has a great appreciation for the excellence and importance of the Fine Arts and robotics programs in the BCS community.  At SPH, he established multiple club-based programs which included both Fine Arts and STEM education programs. He has worked intently to ensure students are engaged in the task of holistic education, and he is excited about continuing the excellence for which BCS is known in these areas, even as he will bring ideas for their enhancement.

Growth and Expansion:

Mr. Myers’ experience in leadership, academics, and athletics have proven he is not only capable of leading a school but also having vision for growth and expansion, while creating strategies to bring it to reality.  We believe Mr. Myers will position BCS for stability and growth for many years to come!
As crucial as all of these values are to our process, we know Mr. Jason Myers would say we have left out the most important part… his family!  Mr. Myers and his wife, Dawn, have been married for seventeen years, and are parents to two wonderful children: Mackenzie (14 years old / 9th grade) and Jayden (10 years old / 5th grade).