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The purpose of the School Board, which is accountable to the Church Board, is to provide oversight, accountability, and support for our School. Yearly budgets, security needs, personnel issues, and long-range planning are all functions of the School Board.

Our School Board is currently comprised of eight members. Per our BCS policy and procedures manual, at least two of those members must be from the Church Board. The other members have traditionally been nominated by the Principal, Senior Pastor, and current School Board members. We typically fill vacancies according to our needs. The makeup of our current School Board demonstrates this well – our Board consists of a CPA, security experts, a public-school administrator, other educational professionals, and business owners.

Our recent protocol has been for each candidate to interview with the Principal and Senior Pastor. Once they pass those interviews, candidates are then presented to the Church Board for further review and, if accepted, ratification.

The current voting members are: Susan Adams, Colby Cannon, Becky Davidson, Dave Davis, Sean Lawler, Mike Mattocks, Maryann Snow (Chairperson), and Dr. Marti Williams.

Ron Schaefer, our Executive Administrator, also serves as a School Board member, though it is a non-voting position.

By our Constitution and By-Laws, the Senior Pastor is the ex-officio (by virtue of the office) Chairman of the School Board.

Our Board is available to you. If you wish to contact the Board, you may email