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I have to admit that I am biased – greatly biased – but for good reason! I’ve found everything about Bethesda to be absolutely delightful and am honored to welcome you on behalf of our pastoral team, church leadership, and congregation.

It is with specific strategy that Bethesda has chosen to invest in the next generation. Although we’ve been blessed with a solid, stable history for many decades, we fully recognize our obligation and responsibility to “pass forward the good things of God” to our children and grandchildren. Our effort is to recognize the core values based on scripture and establish them firmly for the purposes of sowing them in our students. We know that the Lord of the Harvest will cause the blessing to be in abundance to them as individuals and ultimately to the church at large and the Kingdom of God.

This investment we’ve chosen to make can be identified in both tangibles and intangibles. One quick look around our facility should indicate that we care about young people … and care very deeply. However, it’s the investment of heart, mind and spirit – qualities not easily measured – which you’ll find Bethesda will give in abundance.

You’ve found a great place … and we’re glad you have found us! The administrative staff and faculty continually make us proud as they represent the Lord Jesus extremely well and certainly represent our fellowship with excellence. So, take a look. Take a close look, and I’m confident you will quickly discover that Bethesda Christian School lives up to its fine reputation. As I mentioned, I’m extremely biased … but for good reason!

J. Daniel Smith
Senior Pastor
Bethesda Community Church