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Since the inception of Bethesda Christian School, our objective has been clear:  We are to fulfill our calling to provide a quality Christ-centered, college preparatory education to equip our students to discover their God-given purpose and destiny.  Since 1980 the Lord has graced us to do just that, for which we are both honored and humbled.

We live in a very different world today than we did when we started.  The technological influence on our culture has grown exponentially.  The workforce is a much different place requiring an ever-broadening skill set for success.  The demands and pressure on families and students have intensified greatly. Pop culture encroaches increasingly on the minds and hearts of impressionable young people.  At the same time, opportunities have never been richer than they are today. Through it all, BCS has remained true to its calling while continuing to form and shape its’ relevance to the student of today.

The biblical worldview taught through all subject material by highly-qualified educators, a committed administration of excellence, and a church body who wholly support our school are all contributing factors which enable BCS to offer an incredibly wholesome environment for the spiritual and academic development of your child.  As you seek the Lord regarding the education for your student, we trust you’ll take a good look at Bethesda Christian School and discover all we have to offer for you and your family.  We look forward to meeting you.


J. Daniel Smith
Senior Pastor
Bethesda Community Church



Jason Myers
Head of School
Bethesda Christian School