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Bible study is an integral part of the school curriculum at Bethesda. The study of godly character is included throughout the Bible curriculum, with special emphasis given to thankfulness, obedience, faith, honesty, orderliness and kindness.


The language program teaches grammar rules and the mechanics of sentence structure. Students learn how to write effective sentences and begin note-taking and writing basic paragraphs.


One spelling lesson is taught per week and includes vocabulary lessons and poetry memorization.


Bethesda utilizes a logical phonics system coupled with reading texts that are interesting and challenging. Besides building the necessary background for confident reading, phonics instruction trains students to listen carefully, develop good habits of thinking, analyzing, organizing, memorizing, and applying important facts and rules.


The reading program leads to early independence by developing early word-analysis and comprehension skills. The wide variety of quality reading selections in the curriculum stimulates the students’ appreciation of literature and enjoyment of reading. In second grade, students read their first novel, The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh. Third graders celebrate the pioneer spirit by reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Big Woods.


Students participate in daily penmanship exercises that teach proper formation of cursive letters.


Each day, students receive a mini-mental exercise that reinforces previously taught concepts. Lessons emphasize real-world situations reinforcing the importance of mathematics in students’ daily lives.


Science is the study of God’s order, provision, and general revelation as discovered through creation. The curriculum includes studies of life, physical, and earth sciences.


Students will learn about the culture of America during its formative years and the contributions of prominent Americans as well as explore the histories and cultures of other areas at home and abroad including Texas, the United States, Kenya, China, and Mexico.


The BCS Foreign Language department’s ultimate goal is to equip our students with the skills to love, serve, and share the gospel with others. Through their studies, students develop foundational foreign language skills, enhanced listening skills, engagements in social exchanges, a proper understanding of grammar and writing skills, and a gained knowledge and understanding of other cultures.