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The scriptures are studied in such a way that a child can discover and be able to apply the relevance of the Bible and its principles to everyday situations and experiences. Each lesson contains a godly character application designed to stimulate character development within each student.


Students are taught grammar rules and how the parts of a sentence fit together. They are instructed in various forms of writing including stories, outlines, structured writing, and creative writing. They are encouraged to develop style in writing and are given tangible tools to achieve variety and competence in expression.


Bethesda uses a fast-paced, comprehensive skill, a teaching approach that utilizes the teach/practice/test method. Vocabulary is included in each lesson.


The reading curriculum is an innovative developmental program providing teaching, practice, application, and assessment of essential reading skills. Fourth-grade students read Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink, learning valuable godly character lessons as well as literary elements. Fifth-grade students learn to identify plot, theme, and setting while reading Jean Lee Lathan’s Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.


Each day, students receive a mini-mental exercise that reinforces previously taught concepts. The lessons emphasize real-world situations reinforcing the importance of mathematics in students’ daily lives.


Fourth graders begin a formal study of our nation’s history and experience an in-depth study of Texas, while developing a notebook recording their discoveries. The students then enjoy a trip to Austin and San Antonio. Fifth graders study ancient and modern history, learning the locations of world countries and capitals. Students write their first research paper over a European country.


The science curriculum is a study of God’s order, provision, and general revelation as discovered in His physical creation. Units of study include motion and forces, water cycle and conservation, atmosphere and weather, plants and animals, and elements and compounds.


The BCS Foreign Language department’s ultimate goal is to equip our students with the skills to love, serve, and share the gospel with others. Through their studies, students develop foundational foreign language skills, enhanced listening skills, engagements in social exchanges, a proper understanding of grammar and writing skills, and a gained knowledge and understanding of other cultures.


The BCS Technology department teaches digital citizenship through a biblical lens. Our K-8th students learn Google Classroom, coding, problem-solving, and Microsoft Office suite. 4th-8th students receive FIRST Lego League robotics programming instruction, learn presentation and collaboration skills, and learn how to research for problem-solving.


ACSI events (Art Festival, Math Olympics, Speech Meet, Science Fair); National Geographic Geography Bee (4th-8th); Scripps National Spelling Bee, sponsored by the Texas Christian University Department of Education (4th-8th); Fort Worth Stock Show Art Competition; and FIRST LEGO League robotics. In addition to day field trips for grades K-5, BCS sponsors a major field trip to Austin and San Antonio for fourth graders and a trip to Georgetown and Waco for fifth graders.