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Top Quality Private Kindergarten Academic Program


Kindergarten phonics instruction provides the foundation for a solid reading program. Students learn consonants and vowel sounds, blends, and one- and two- vowel words. Reading groups begin second semester and students enter first grade with a strong phonetic base.


The children are involved the entire year in activities that develop fine motor and eye-hand coordination skills. The students use a cursive writing workbook designed to complement the phonics program. As they learn words in phonics, they are taught how to write them in cursive.


Using a combination of teaching from a textbook, class activities, and learning centers, students learn number recognition, counting, writing, and other more detailed number concepts from 1-100. They also study the value of coins, telling time, addition facts through ten, classifying by color, shape, and size, shapes, using calendars, and one-step word problems.


The science curriculum contains hands-on studies in plants, earth, energy, weather and seasons, animals, and the five senses.


Special theme units develop basic concepts in history and social studies such as self and family, community helpers, America, Native Americans, Pilgrims, and children around the world.


The BCS Foreign Language department’s ultimate goal is to equip our students with the skills to love, serve, and share the gospel with others. Through their studies, students develop foundational foreign language skills, enhanced listening skills, engagements in social exchanges, a proper understanding of grammar and writing skills, and a gained knowledge and understanding of other cultures. 


Learning centers are attractively arranged around the classroom to supplement, reinforce, and enrich the basic curriculum. The centers emphasize math and reading concepts, social concepts, motor skills, language skills, creative expression and role-play, perception skills, and listening skills.


By providing daily exposure to our thriving co-curriculars (including Physical Education, Library, Foreign Language, Technology, Art and Music) we aim to spark interest in our students for future endeavors. 

BCS' top quality private kindergarten academic program will set your child on the pathway to academic success. Upon graduation, it's a natural progression from there into our fantastic elementary school, middle school, and high school programs.