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The overarching desire of the BCS Bible instructors is that the students become lifelong lovers of the Living Word through the written Word. Middle School students will continue to build on the foundations laid in their elementary years as they begin a 5-year study of both the Old and New Testaments which will carry them to their senior year. In all grades a devotional relationship is encouraged through the practice of prayer, journaling, and scripture memorization.

Middle school students study the elements of literature found in comedy, fantasy, myths, short stories, plays, poetry, and more. Students read multiple novels and are taught to be discerning while analyzing literature.

The middle school English program is designed to increase competency in composition, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and oral skills. Students continue to progress in the practice of structural writing. Middle school writing begins an emphasis on developing style and takes the form of book reports, journals, personal narratives, essays, critical analysis, persuasive writing, poetry, creative writing, and research papers.

Helping students become effective problem solvers is the primary goal of this math program. Computation skills, the foundation for any effective math program, are taught and practiced. Critical thinking skills are incorporated into daily problem solving.

In middle school, students study both old and new world history and American history. Students are provided with a detailed account of the history of the United States from its inception. Geography, culture, government, politics, economics, and current events are integrated into the history studies.

Middle school students study earth science, life science, and physical science. Through their studies of ecology, the human body, astronomy, geology, electricity, light, sound, and the properties of elements, students learn about themselves and other living things, answer the questions they have about the physical world around them, and develop skills in critical scientific thinking and experimentation.

ACSI Events (Art Festival, Math Olympics, Science Fair, Speech Meet), ATSSB band contests, Chess Club, NASA/Houston Trip (6th grade), Washington, D.C. Trip (8th grade), National Geographic Geography Bee (6th-8th grades), National Junior Honor Society (6th-8th grades), Scripps National Spelling Bee sponsored by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (6th-8th grades), and F.I.R.S.T. LEGO League robotics.


In one of the most popular specialty classes, imaginative and creative expression is developed through a variety of mediums such as drawing, painting, and printmaking. Art appreciation is gained through studies of art history. The students begin to develop an awareness of art in respect to career opportunities.

Sixth and seventh graders continue to progress through the typing curriculum and increase their proficiency in Microsoft Word. Eighth grade students take Computer Literacy, a more advanced course utilizing Microsoft Office and Windows software to teach the skills necessary to use word processors, databases, spreadsheets, and telecommunications. Students also receive instruction in the history of computers, computer ethics, computer related careers, and programming.

In PE, principles of health-related fitness are defined and practiced on a daily basis and promoted as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Instruction is given on the rules, scoring, and strategy of sports to equip students to competently participate. Group games and partner activities are included to meet social needs and provide opportunity for training in relationships and teamwork. Competition is used for training in sportsmanship.

The introduction of instrumental music is an asset to any student’s curriculum, challenging them mentally, physically, and spiritually as they learn to master an instrument in an atmosphere of worship. The BCS band program strives to do this through instruction in woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Sixth grade students make up the Intermediate Band, and the Concert Band consists of grades seven through twelve.

Students study a varied repertoire consisting of classical, hymns, contemporary, gospel, and famous musical showpieces. Students also learn proper singing technique, note and interval sight singing, ear training, and performance and stage presence. Participation includes ACSI Choral Festival, region auditions, and required concerts.