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Christian, Private Middle School Education at BCS

The middle school academic program at Bethesda Christian School prepares students for a successful high school experience and guides them towards an understanding of academic stewardship. Middle school students will have a foundation laid to discern truth and relate biblical principles to their personal lives. Their innate abilities will be sharpened, and they will understand that God has a purpose for their lives. 

The curriculum is evaluated each year and organized at or above state requirements, and teachers integrate biblical principles in all subjects at all grade levels. Bible is a cornerstone course for each grade level, seeking not only to build character but also to help each student grow in his or her relationship with the Lord. This is accomplished through daily Bible reading, journaling, and class discussions about topics that relate to the students’ lives. Issues related to current event issues are explored to help students discover what the Bible says about topics that are pertinent in today’s society. On a separate page, we provide a full breakdown of our Middle School academic program.

At BCS, we do everything we can to be a top quality private middle school and set your child on the pathway to academic success. Upon graduation, it's a natural progression from there into our fantastic high school program. For any younger children, we also offer fantastic Christian Kindergarten and Elementary School programs.