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Bethesda Christian School’s vision is to be a recognized leader in the successful implementation of technology in education. BCS endeavors to utilize available technology in a manner that maximizes the learning experience of students, enabling them to develop a lifelong love of learning and to master the essential academic, personal, and technical skills needed for college and for life.

Student exposure to and training in technology provides them with the skills needed to compete in the outside world and for lifelong learning. Early exposure at the elementary and middle school level to different technologies will help students begin to focus on career choices. More advanced courses at the senior high school level will provide the training necessary to enable them to succeed at the college and professional level.

Bethesda’s overall goals for technology in education are to provide engaging educational instruction that:
  • Promotes learning of basic skills and content.
  • Facilitates individual learning and teaching to maximize student success.
  • Promotes higher-level thinking skills to solve real-world problems.
  • Enables and stimulates students to express their creativity.
  • Facilitates collaborative learning and teaching.
  • Promotes the integration of curriculum, disciplines, instruction, and modes of learning.
  • Promotes parent communication.
  • Promotes student mastery of basic technical skills and appreciation of the value of technology.
  • Promotes student development of ethical values with regard to the use of technology.
  • Provides timely, appropriate access to data and information.
  • Provides efficient and cost-effective use of time and resources for learning, teaching, and administration.
  • Promotes diverse modes of communication.
  • Facilitates the development, organization, and presentation of ideas to achieve intended purposes.


Grades 1-6
  • Keyboarding using Microsoft Word
Grades 7-8
  • Microcomputer Applications using Microsoft Office
Grades 9-12
  • Microcomputer Applications using Microsoft Office
  • Programming; options are Alice, Visual C++, Java, JavaScript, 3D Gaming, HTML, Pascal
  • Robotics
  • Computer Graphics; options are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Video Editing


  • Two labs with 22 Dell student computers each
  • Apple lab with 8 iMac computers
  • Library with 6 student computers
  • Two laptop carts with 24 student laptops each
  • iPad cart with 20 iPad Minis


  • Classroom computer
  • MimioTeach
  • MimioView
  • Ceiling-mounted LCD projectors
  • K-12 curriculum software


  • RenWeb School Management System
  • Naviance