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The three distinctives of a Bethesda Christian School education are Character, Academics and Service.


The BCS administration strongly believes that true success is contingent upon a vibrant relationship with Jesus and the development of godly character. These values are infused into the school’s design and in every facet of a student’s experience.

In the 1980s, a team of Bethesda educators developed a simple classroom tool – now known as the Honorable Character™ Classroom Management System – that enabled teachers to incorporate character development in students throughout the school day. BCS elementary teachers have used the method ever since, and its implementation has played a pivotal role in contributing to the character development of Bethesda students.


Bethesda’s academic program aims to draw out the God-given potential residing within each student and promote good stewardship of his or her abilities. In keeping with the academic preparation preferred by colleges for incoming students, the rigorous BCS curriculum strongly emphasizes writing, math, science and foreign language.

BCS students are rewarded for their efforts by consistently scoring well above the state and national average on standardized achievement tests. By their senior year, Bethesda students’ average composite SAT results are 300-400 points above state and national mean scores.


BCS believes that character development and academic preparation are ultimately designed to equip students in fulfilling God’s purpose for their lives. BCS provides students with practical opportunities to shine the light of Christ to others and make a difference through giving and service, both in the local community and abroad.

Bethesda students have visited residents in area nursing homes, raised money for the impoverished in Ghana, and collected canned goods for donation to local food banks. Every year during the holidays, students take part in charitable activities such as Salvation Army’s Angel Tree. Each summer, a group of BCS senior school students participate in a school-sponsored missions outreach.