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Updated August 2020

Because we do not have the kitchen facilities to cook and prepare meals on-site, instead of asking you to pack a sack lunch every day, we contract with area restaurants to deliver menu items to us. We endeavor to offer menu choices that the students will eat, and then supplement those lunches with fruit and vegetables.

Our lunch manager has been hard at work this summer to find vendors who are able to deliver pre-packaged meals. We are excited to add some new options for you from Panda Express, Piada, Schlotzsky’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Panera Bread. We are once again offering SweetFrog on Tuesdays! There will be a choice of different flavors each week (as posted on the menu); 5-ounce cups are $2.00. All of our restaurant vendors do everything they can to help us have a successful lunch program for our students, and we appreciate them! We encourage our Bethesda family to support them whenever possible!

This year, we are making some changes in many areas to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. All of the lunch orders will be served to our students in individual lunch sacks — prepacked and labeled with student names on them. You will notice the first time you order that we have expanded the daily options to include choices such as the lunch item of the day without a drink, with milk (white or chocolate), with juice, etc. In order to reduce the exchange of cash, extra items such as chips, fruit snacks, ice cream treats, etc. are also available to pre-order with your lunch order. You will quickly notice the expanded ordering choices! We will not be offering extra food items to elementary students that are not ordered in advance.

The lunch prices are indicated on the online lunch ordering site, and now will vary depending upon which and how many items you order for your child(ren). The price of lunch does more than purchase the food — it supports the school by allowing us to purchase supplies and equipment–or pay for equipment repairs-strictly through the lunch program.


How to place your online lunch order:
  1. Log into your RenWeb Parents account
  2. Go to Student
  3. Click on Lunch, then choose child (if you have more than one).
  4. The menu for the current week is listed. Change the date to the week you want to order from. There are many options listed for each day, such as the lunch item alone, the lunch menu item with white milk, with chocolate milk, etc. There are also items to order à la carte, such as only a drink, fruit snacks, different chip choices, SweetFrog, etc. Even though the daily list is long, they are created to give you as many different options that we have available each day.

    Elementary students have smaller portions of food. Middle & Senior school students have larger portions of food. The price is in parentheses. EX: ($4.50)

(NOTE: Depending upon what device you are using pictures may be slightly different from your screen.)
To start an order, click on Create Web Order. The screen will change to look like the following. Here you will enter the quantity for your child listed underneath Lunch Ordering for [Student Name #1]. If you have more than one child, the next child will be listed below the complete menu for [Student Name #1]. It will say Lunch Ordering for [Student Name #2]. (NOTE: On some devices, you will need to submit order for Student #1, then change to Student #2 and complete another order.)

Please notice the section titled Lunch Items for Monday [followed by a date]. The items listed in this area are the items available for the specified day. Please make sure to order for the correct date, as we cannot provide lunches not ordered nor give refunds for orders placed on incorrect dates.

  1. After entering the quantities you would like to order, click on Order Items and then submit.

  2. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED AT THIS TIME. However, credit card information or banking information will already be set up in your FACTS account as per enrollment agreement and your account will be invoiced after the items are received.

    How do you know the lunch order is complete? The message will change to “Lunch Order Created.” Also when you go back to the main lunch menu, the items that you ordered will be blue (or a different color than the rest of the menu). All lunch orders will be billed to your account once the item is received. Payments will automatically be withdrawn from your FACTS account. You will receive an invoice once billed.

    Online lunch orders must be submitted by 8:00 a.m. Friday mornings (or 8:00 a.m. Thursday mornings for weeks when school is out on Friday).

  3. Late orders cannot be accepted.

  4. You may order for an entire current month, if desired. (Ex: Order for all of Sept. when that month arrives.)

  5. IF you cannot click on something and order, it is turned off and ordering is not available for that day.

  6. If a lunch is ordered, your account will be billed. There will be NO REFUNDS. We will not be able to issue refunds for any day a lunch is purchased (even if your child is absent, has a field trip, doesn’t like what was ordered, etc.).

Senior school students (grades 9 – 12) have the adult privilege of using the microwaves. We offer a variety of microwaveable items such as corn dogs and hot pockets, etc. We also have items such as tuna kits, Lunchables, etc., only as available. Items range from $1.00 to $4.00. These items change daily and are available on a first come, first-serve basis. These items are NOT available to elementary or middle-school students this year.

Please do not send lunch items that need to be microwaved with elementary or middle school students,as they are not allowed to use the microwaves. Please do not put elementary or middle school students in the position of asking a teacher or an older sibling/student to use the microwave for them. There are long lines of senior school students waiting to use the microwaves and this would not be fair to them. Thankyou!

If there comes a time when you did not place an order and there’s not a slice of bread in the house, we will provide your child with a lunch, depending on what is available (a school lunch, a Lunchable, etc.). We will make every attempt to avoid calling parents about a forgotten lunch. Students are allowed to charge 2 times; parents are notified after that limit is reached if another charge is necessary. Any unpaid lunch charges will be place on your RenWeb account. Remember that charged lunches are for emergencies only; they are not part of the regular lunch program. Students who abuse this service will not be allowed to charge anything. For accounting reasons, we do not allow any charges in May.