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Updated August 2020

If I start an order but forget to go back and submit, will someone call to remind me?
No. Any un-submitted orders will not be processed.

When does my order have to be finished?
Lunch ordering is turned off at 8:00 am on Friday morning. Anything that is ordered after that time for the following week will not be processed.

What if my child is unhappy with the selection, is absent due to illness, forgotten field trip, doctor’s appointment, etc.?
Sorry, but there are no refunds.

What if there is a COVID-19 quarantine and I have already ordered lunch?
In this case, we would know in advance and would be able to contact our vendors to adjust our lunch orders from them. Therefore, in this special case, we would cancel your order and not charge you.

What happens if I did not order a lunch for my child, and/or he/she forgets to bring a bag lunch? If there comes a time when you did not place an order and there’s not a slice of bread in the house, we will provide your child with a lunch, depending on what is available (a school lunch, a Lunchable, etc.). Elementary students are to let their teacher know during morning attendance check if they need a lunch that day. Middle and senior school students need to let the Lunch Manager know before going to their first-period class.