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Bethesda Christian School of Fort Worth utilizes RenWeb, the leading Internet-based school management software provider for the private school market.

RenWeb offers many useful services for school staff, parents and students. In addition to managing student information, Bethesda uses RenWeb to enable parents and students to have online access to teacher lesson plans, homework, report cards, a directory listing of BCS students and their families, order school lunches, and much more.

All new BCS families are very strongly encouraged to register with RenWeb. Your logins are retained for as long as your family has students enrolled at Bethesda Christian School. Parents and students may login via the RenWeb link located at the top of all pages on the BCS website.  To establish a RenWeb account, go to Bethesda's RenWeb login page and select "Create a new ParentsWeb Account." RenWeb will send a password to the email address provided by the requesting parent or student.

RenWeb also offers several different apps, with versions available for Apple iOS and Android users.


RenWeb's mobile apps provide convenient access to the school directory (and thereby bypassing the need for you to add BCS families to your own phone contact list); to student assignments, grades and attendance; to RenWeb's lunch ordering system; and more.

For more information about RenWeb apps, click here.